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Writing on their Facebook page, WU LYF put: “TO ANYBODY INTERESTED AS TO WHY WE ARE FEATURED IN A TOYOTA ADVERT: We too are interested to know why our music is featured in a sexist sports car advert that encourages men to live out their ‘inner chauvinist’.”

They added: “We have not consented to this, we have not earned a penny from this and on behalf of the band I am fucking angry about this. Wouldn’t have minded so much if it was for a Lamborghini.”

A comment request from Toyota has not as yet been returned. 


And this is why Wu Lyf is *the* shit. 

the denim jacket that i was talking bout yesterday



Ellery Roberts of WU LYF was wearing a denim jacket with “WU LYF” written on the back. His keyboard sheet got “world unite lucifer youth foundation” on it as well..

Ellery Roberts you hawt you

Look at my man Ellery James Roberts of WU LYF performing at Letterman.


Summas Bliss/Heavy Pop- Wu Lyf (Live @ Paris)

the guys at wu lyf like to do their show..topless. apparently.

really cant wait to see them on Feb! :p :p :p


World Unite Lucifer Youth Foundation [Symbol]

Yes. 100 times yes.

Yes. 100 times yes.


fuck me counting down the days to Feb next year