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Mauro Remiddi, aka Porcelain Raft, has been around the block and then some. Born in 1972, he toured all over the world before recently settling in New York City, where he recorded Porcelain Raft’s debut album, Strange Weekend. The reverb-drenched sonics and haze of nostalgia aren’t remotely singular (for those of you who might adore or disdain the recent chillwave trend), but Remiddi’s warmly impressionistic lyrics, which come off like the communique of a faraway friend telling us what it’s like to go there and back again, imbues his music with a more mature quality befitting of his life experience. Recently, Remiddi played at Chicago’s Metro to support Youth Lagoon, where we caught up with him before the show to chat about his travels and his ultimate settlement.

The Worldly Mauro Remiddi Finds His Place as Porcelain Raft